The game against Real Madrid and Real Madrid, who had played last night’s match, left a lot of room for controversy.

• Vinícius Júnior’s penalty was awarded
• Canceling januzaj’s goal
• The accusations that Benzema uses hand to take the ball are well known among Barcelona fans and the Catalan media.

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The match is likely to be decisive for the La Liga champions this season. It also changed the standing of the rank. The allegations have been raised between the two rivals in Spain. Barcelona has come out in the Champions League this week against Silva. We had to deal with being eliminated from the top. So if Real Madrid win in this match, they will have the same score. It will be able to stand back on top of the table.

Both teams were very good looking at each other during the match. Real Madrid is more likely to win because they want to win and used Hamed Rodriguez who has never been used in the league matches. Since the first half, the Socided players have been playing aggressively to Vinicius Jr. He is the most active and active player for Real Madrid. He got the penalty kick and got the goal.

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When the ball hit the sidewalk, it was as severe as the red card but it ended with a yellow card. VAR’s cancellation was the most controversial of the match, with VAR canceling the goal. Normally, this goal must be fully allowed. However, when VAR was revisited, Merino, who was blocking position to the goalkeeper to protect the football. If the goal was allowed, the match would be 1-1.

Former UEFA referee Gonzalez has insisted the goal will be allowed. Merino, who was accused of blocking the goalkeeper’s sight, pointed out that he was not in close contact with the goalie. It was a difficult situation for the judges to make. The final point was Benzema’s second goal. The Catalan press accuses him of touching the ball while taking the ball. It was alleged that VAR had not looked closely. At the same time, it was pointed out that Messi’s goal within Atletico against Barcelona had been eliminated in a similar way to Benzema in the Spanish Super Cup. It was faded out Barcelona’s dream of winning the cup.


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