Manager Yagan Kollo says the result is a fair result for both Everton and Marseille Derby, who played last night at Goodison Park. For Liverpool, this is the first game since Liverpool’s 19 March stoppage-time.

Both teams did not play well, but the match was intense with the Derby match and created chances but ended with a brilliant save from goal-scorers Alison and Pickford. As a result, Liverpool took another step towards the Premier League title, needing just five more points for the win.

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Clopp said: “We are not calculating this all the time. Today we got a deserved point, and I have to admit that Everton had a better chance of winning the game. It was a problem for us that we got the ball possession but we didn’t create enough chances.

I love how fierce the competition is. high-press; I like counter-press and anything. I didn’t like the game very much. But we cannot force the Rath. We had some good moments. It was not minutes later. There were also no moments of decisive free-kick. We didn’t have a great opportunity. But this happens.

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Looking back on this match, the Derbies who played in the Gudsapots are quite similar. We played better on the Derbies at Anfield, but that has always been the case at the Globe. Both teams played hard and physically. Everton was united. So we did a lot of running around. I like it We are fit and ready. But three days later, we will have to play Christmas games. Their team is in good shape and we saw a good game yesterday. “So we have to be ready for this match.” Say it.

After a lengthy layoff, Clotton said of his team’s performance tonight: “After four weeks of training, I am happy about the performance of the club. Today was a bit different. As I said, we were physically ready for today’s game. The defense was good too. “In the second half, we needed to create some good opportunities during the game. During these moments, you will have to find Rick. We have never been this way today.

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If we failed to score in any situation can be changed all matches 0. This has not happened today. I know we can play even better. The performance is ok. As I said, we came here over a year ago. Last December two years ago, I played here. The games are always the same.

What can I do now? We have to respect our competitors. Everton has made it difficult for us here. They did. They have quality in this division and they have even won the match. But a point is a worthwhile result. Carlo Ancelotti also saw this. You might as well tell you something. (Laughs) But he told me that. ” It is said.


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