Wind; that factor so necessary for sports disciplines such as windsurfing or sailing, but as impertinent for other sports as, in this case, tennis.

Today, I come from losing a game in which the wind has ended by exhausting my patience and my desire to play. However, after a good shower of hot water, I have been able to reflect on everything I have done wrong on the track and, as a result of that reflection, I have decided to write today on this subject.



We have to bear in mind that most of the tracks in Spain and Latin America are outdoors. In this way, the weather conditions are going to significantly influence the course of our tennis day.

The rain, directly, forces us to suspend the session. However, the wind (unless it is hurricane) does allow us to play, but it is a handicap with which we must deal. Next, we will review some useful recommendations so that we remain competitive when the wind makes an appearance.

move on

If we normally have to be very active on our legs when we play on a normal day, on windy days we have to be even more dynamic. The wind disturbs in a capricious way the trajectory of the ball and we have to move very quickly to get in the right place and be able to hit the ball correctly.

Adjust the preparation of your strokes

For the same reason that we have to move with greater explosiveness, it is also necessary that we calibrate our swing very well.Since we do not know exactly under which conditions we are going to receive the ball from the other side of the net, it is advisable that we shorten the preparation of the hit and be ready to release the arm at any time.

The service

If like me, you are one of those who throws the ball into the exosphere in the execution of the service, you will suffer a lot on windy days. The higher the height at which you throw the ball, the more likely it is that the wind will move it and make an error. Therefore, in these conditions, try to cut the launch as much as possible to avoid too many inaccuracies with your service.

The effects

Forget about hitting the plane and being aggressive. Instead, measure your strokes well and play with the topspin effect. No adjustments to the lines and try to spend more balls than your opponent. The cut balls can also be a good trick on windy days since the irregularity of the boat can dislocate even more to your opponent.

The fact of risking will bring with it a long history of errors; no matter how good you are, the unpredictability of the wind will end up unsettling you if you intend to play as on a calm day.

The auction

Be careful with auctions! If before we said that it is counterproductive to throw the ball high in the service, with the auction we must also have special caution. If you are willing to let the ball bounce before hitting it, do it. Do not rush and be patient, because the risk with wind is a true suicide.

Keep Calm

It is evident that the errors will come. If we have always insisted that tennis is a sport in which we live with error, in the days of wind, this premise takes an even greater role. For that reason, do not get discouraged by sticking incomprehensible rods or hitting a ball at the wrong time; Simply, understand that this is part of a windy context and try to be more attentive at the next point.


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