The pool is one of those games that everyone will have probably played at one time without knowing exactly how to play or if there are rules beyond trying to put the balls in the holes in the table. Undoubtedly, there are those rules but we can also explain step by step and easy way how to learn to play pool so you can surprise all your friends the next time you play a game.

learn to play pool

What is billiards?

The pool is a really popular game around the world but surprisingly it is not clear what is its origin. There are those who say that it is a game imported from China, although other theories maintain that at the time of Cleopatra in the 1st century BC. C. played a kind of pretty primary pool that also developed on the ground.

The first documents that speak of billiards as we know them today, belong to the fifteenth century when the cabinetmaker Louis XI of France, Henri de Vigne , thought it would be more comfortable to play on a table, making it increase in popularity, to become a game that even celebrates competitions (the first world pool championship dates from 1825) to see who are the best players and who know how to make the best “carom” and tricks.

As we have said, billiards consists of a table with six holes (embrasures), of which four are located in each of the angles of the table and the other two are in the center of the long bands.

The game is developed by hitting the balls  (belonging to our club) with a billiard cue so that they give to the teammates and thus end up in the embrasures.

This would be a fairly simple explanation given that billiards is played in different ways from if, for example, we have to enter 8 balls or 9 balls (all numbered and with a circle or a line around them). Or there are variations depending on the country in which you play and, of course, there are plays of all kinds to win and be the best but if you have started now in this pool  you must know the basics of the game, and how to play at billiards, something that we explain to you next.

Steps to play pool

Although the first thing you have to do is to know the number of balls that billiards have (15) and that there are mentioned tacos to hit the balls, it is also important that you know that there are several ways to play pool. We have already said that depending on where you are, the billiards is played one way or another, so even if you think billiards sounds a lot, there is also an Italian pool or, of course, Spanish billiards. In addition, there are variations within the game (pool billiards) so that it is impossible for you to learn all the tricks to play pool now. We are going to explain the basics to you.

  1. You must take a cue (usually measuring about 1.47 cm) that will serve to hit the balls.
  2. The balls are all placed inside a triangle so that they form this figure in one of the ends of the table (without arriving completely at the end). The ball with the number 8 must always be in the center.
  3. If we play alone we can practice the blows just as much as trying to put balls in the holes.
  4. If we practice in pairs or with other players, what is done is that the triangle is placed with the balls, the triangle is removed and one of the players must “break” to start playing.
  5. “Break” is to give the balls with the only one that is left out (the white one) so that they are distributed throughout the table.
  6. To hit you have to rest your hand on the table and you can make the cue pass under the index finger or that it holds the cue so that the impulse goes better directed.
  7. Once we have made the “break” movement we have to start playing, for this  the first player who puts a ball, must see if it belongs to those who have a circle or a line ; In this way you will know if from now on you should give and put only the balls with a circle or a line.
  8. The other player must hit the other balls, always leaving the 8th ball to the end.
  9. In the end, the player who puts all his balls and the one of 8 will win.

This is the base of the pool that will allow you to start practicing, but there are many variations of the game and you can learn them as you master how to hit and place the cue so you can make sure the ball is going to enter.


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