If you are an athlete and you like tennis, surely you want to know how to improve your technique and, above all, how to improve the serve in tennis. Well, in this article we are going to give you the keys on how to do it. You will see how in just a few weeks you can see the result. Let’s see it!

Tennis kick: technique

Making good tennis serve is very important to get better in the game. This is not something you get in a day or two, because to get it done you need to practice a lot and polish the technique a lot.

Even so, there are some keys that will help you to improve little by little in your tennis. One of them is to have a good position of feet in the serve. This is fundamental because if it is not done well, the service will not be good either.

The most common error in a tennis serve is that the player is placed in front and with the tips forward, which is incorrect. The correct thing would be that the back foot is parallel to the bottom line and the front foot is in the direction of the right post of the net.

The way to hold the racket is also something that we must take into account to improve our tennis serve. Depending on this there will be a rotation or another in the forearm, so you have to avoid taking vices and end up wielding badly, as it will be more difficult to correct the tennis serve.

All this you will have to do it over and over again until little by little you get better. A trick to control your progress and have absolutely monitored everything you do and your progress is to have the PikkuSport system.

It consists of a bracelet that is linked to a mobile application that allows you to record the plays once they have taken place, so you can get the videos of your best serves or worse to see what you are doing right or wrong even in slow motion ( as long as your mobile device allows it). It works as a wireless system for the improvement of the game and training in multiple sports, including tennis.

How can this help you? The most important thing is that you will have all your gestural actions monitored, all this will be stored in an intelligent video with reports of technical parameters that will give you a lot of information.

More tips to know how to improve services in tennis

As we said, the way you hold the racket is important, but it’s also how you hold the ball itself. Control these aspects during the service is very important for that moment the ball takes off in the right way.

Also once you go to take out it is advisable to give two or three boats to the ball. This way you will make it easier to direct it to where you want to launch it since this gesture can help you avoid deviations and help you to improve your service.

A tip that you can also apply is to alternate different types of service in your service. This, when you play against another player, can get to confuse him a lot, which will give you a great competitive advantage over him.

Regarding this, another important aspect is to analyze well how your opponent works and what is his own technique. From there you can obtain very valuable information that will help you get the right way to later respond better to your blow and get more advantage in your service.

All this, along with your Pikku bracelet, will make you get the best of the serves since you can control your plays better and see your mistakes to correct them. And above all do not despair, with a little patience you will get to progress quickly in your serve.

So you know, if you want to improve your serve technique in tennis, PikkuSport can help you get it in record time. Surely with all the information, it offers you will improve little by little and become a more competitive athlete. Good luck!


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