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The Twilight of Froome

Despite his poor performance, Froome is still confident

From 2011 to 2018, Chris Froome became the dominator of the big rounds. With the support of Sky, he conquered the Laps of 2011 (after Juanjo Cobo’s doping disqualification) and 2017, 2018 Giro, and 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Tours. He finished second in two Laps (2014 and 2016) and in one Tour (2012), and third in the 2018 Gala round. His last visit to the drawer of a three-week race. Because his sporting career changed drastically at the 2019 Dauphiné.

The Briton collided with a wall at more than 60 km / h while inspecting Roanne’s Chrono on June 12. He suffered fractures in the right femur and elbow and several ribs. He reappeared on the UAE Tour on February 23, 2020. In all of the past course he was not able to pass from 30th place in a partial, nor from 37th in a general.

He also started 2021 in the Emirates (22nd on the fourth day and 47th of the final classification), and then he concentrated on Mount Teide. “I need to continue with my preparation in the Canary Islands. In this test (UAE) we ran to the rhythm of the Tour de France,” he excused himself after not putting up with the best.

However, the set-up is not progressing favorably. In the inaugural stage of the Volta, in Santa Fe del Montseny. A first-class port, Froome began to grind 60 kilometers from the finish until he dropped off a steep slope with 49 to go. He lost 8:30. There were no statements (at the start he said he was coming to “build the form for the Tour”), and Israel forgot about him in his press release.

“The leaders, Michael Woods and Dan Martin, retain their hopes in the general of the Volta after a very fast day in which they finished with the rest of the candidates for the title ”.

In the squad, they begin to doubt, mainly because of their age (he will turn 36 on May 20) and the severity of his injuries.

As sources familiar with the rehabilitation explained, the operations have left a decompensation of more than one centimeter. In the intervened femur, which significantly affects their pedaling and their posture on the bicycle. They also point out that they doubt “a lot” about the profitability of their signing.

For Israel and that they return to the competitive level before their fall. In Israel, he has signed a three-season contract (with a salary of about five million), although there is the option of termination if things do not work out as they should. Despite his poor performance, Froome is still confident in reversing this situation. It hurts the squad to see him like this because of his education and professionalism, “but it’s the law of life.”

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