Does home insurance cover food in the fridge?

Does home insurance cover food in the fridge if all the food has gone bad?

The usefulness of home insurance

Insurances are very useful products that protect us against various adverse situations. Although we hope they never happen, sadly these situations can happen. And since setbacks never come when we choose them. It is possible that they appear in a complicated situation in which we are unable to cope. This is the true value of insurance.

Insurance can cover many of our assets and in many different situations. One of the most widely contracted insurance, because it is also required by law, is home insurance. But it should be noted that home insurance must offer basic coverage such as coverage against fire. And civil liability. However, if we have to take out home insurance and taking into account. It is precisely where we keep almost all the things that matter to us. Isn’t it worth extending its benefits a little more?

Does home insurance cover food in the fridge?

Home insurance can offer much broader coverage than those mentioned. Even cover very specific elements of our home, such as our television. But how far do these coverage go? Many people have asked this question. Can household insurance, for example, cover the food in the fridge?

Imagine that you have done the shopping and you have gone to work. But just when you have left there has been a power outage for several hours. And all the food that you had in the fridge such as meats, sausages, etc., has gone bad. A chore, right? 

Well, the good news is that home insurance can effectively cover the food in the fridge that has gone bad as a result of this incident. However, for this to be the case, you must have previously contracted this coverage, which in most cases is not basic. But additional, that is, this coverage does not come as a basis in all home insurance but must be included in an additional way.

In the event that the claim occurs, we recommend that you provide proof of purchase tickets or, if you do not have them, take photographs of the food at the time it was discovered that it had spoiled. 

In fact, home insurance can include very interesting additional coverages that should be reviewed carefully, as they can be very useful at a certain time.

Home Insurance Refrigerated Food Coverage

If the insurance includes coverage for damage to refrigerated food, it guarantees compensation for food. That was both in the refrigerator and in the freezer or that has become unusable due to deterioration or putrefaction due to various causes. Such as refrigerator failure, cutting power supply or electrical failure in the home

It is important to bear in mind that if the claim occurs due to a power outage unrelated to the operation of the refrigerator. The insurance company may request a receipt from the supplying company certifying that event.

In the same way, if the power cut is due to a breakdown, the insurer can ask for some document that justifies it, such as a repair invoice.

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