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Italian coach Antonio Conte has been named manager of Chelsea in the 2016–2017 season but has been linked with a move to Chelsea. He only played two football seasons in London. However, two years later, Conte won the Premier League and the FA Cup for Chelsea.

In the two years he has been at Chelsea, Conte has made some good players. French midfielder Angolan Kanti, who arrived from Las Vegas with a £ 32m transfer fee, is arguably the best. In the last two and two seasons of football, Mourinho has been reduced to the position of two attacking managers, Maurice Zio-Sari and Frank’s. However, he remains a key driver of the current Chelsea squad.

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The current Inter Milan coach has admitted that Kante was one of the best players he has ever dealt with and that his team felt like playing with 12 players.
In his interview with Sky Sports, Ketti said, “In my opinion, Kante is capable of playing anywhere in the middle. I’m amazing, I’m talking about a top player. When he was in the foot of the ball and on the ball. He is a very good player when he is not there.
“If you have Angola in your team, you will feel like playing with one extra player. You will see the smiles on his face every day. He is always optimistic, He is one of the best players I have ever dealt with as a coach. “
Chelsea has won two successive Premier League titles, Disagreements with some players in the team; In the final year, he was forced out of the Champions League and missed out.

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“It is not easy to become a manager of a club in general. Because when you deal with a top-level team, their demands on you are very high. ”
“If you want to keep the title, you have to find a win. The experience in Chelsea has been amazing. I’m a player. The audience, I had a very special relationship with the club’s officials. I also have fond memories of them. ”

10 years ago In 15 years, Chelsea has been one of England’s most successful clubs. In the meantime, they have won numerous trophies. Being a manager of one of the top clubs is a very common request for me. Therefore, their dismissal must be referred to as normal. “


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