July 6, 2022

Translator: voice, photo, text

Language translator is an application that helps translate voice, photo and text, with which you don’t need to learn a foreign language.




Features Language Translator

The app can handle more than 100 dialects. It even copes with rare African and Asian dialects. Use it to translate from a foreign language to your native, or in the opposite direction. The dictionary on the application server is vast and it is constantly expanding. It can understand even modern slang.

Camera Translator

📷 Point your smartphone’s camera at a text, as if when taking a picture. The app will identify the language automatically, so you won’t need to indicate it manually. Thanks to smart OCR algorithms, the app will recognize the text and translate it in just one second. Alternatively, you can upload a photo to the app. The detection of the text will be quick and precise.

Text and speech translation

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