July 7, 2022

Screen On/Off With Double Tap,Shake,Gesture & Wave

Feature of Screen On/Off With Double Tap,Shake,Gesture & Wave




# Double tap on Home Screen to turn of/off the screen.
# Screen On/Off Using Shake Phone.
# Support power to quickly head On/Off the screen.


# Set Gesture lock.
# Floating popup button.
# Auto screen On/Off when putting your phone.

Screen On/Off With Double Tap, Shake, Gesture & Wave is a simple utility to automatically on or off screen using proximity detector and double tap on Home Screen, rather than having to press the power button manually.


Good screen On/Off have an influence head floating during a convenient location is additionally provided to quickly put off the screen. This good screen On/Off app uses the device administrator permission. It is necessary and used only for locking the device when you use features put off the screen. You need to modify administration before it will be used that feature.

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