OtterBox dispatches new Figura cases for iPhone 15

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OtterBox dispatches new Figura cases for iPhone 15

At the point when OtterBox previously acquainted us with its new iPhone 15 cases, it was simply staying with the standard plans we see a large number of years. Its Evenness, Suburbanite, and Safeguard covers are practically nothing new regardless of getting a few minor updates for Apple’s most recent. However, the company is back to present its first all-new iPhone 15 series case.

The new OtterBox Figura series for iPhone 15 shows up across every one of the four styles of the new cell phones. MagSafe’s standard designs are based on gouache painting, a watercolor technique in which white pigment is mixed with paint to make it opaque. One gander at the new covers and you can plainly see the motivation, with a somewhat clear plan that envelops your handset by one of the few swirly colorways.

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